The Importance of Community: In the Midst of Grief

Editor’s Note: This article was originally shared by Kyrie Zimmerman at a RM: Local Gathering on September 10, 2019 Three. That’s the number of children I’ve held in my heart or in my arms and had to say goodbye to.  The first was my son, taken directly from my womb to heaven.  The next wasContinue reading “The Importance of Community: In the Midst of Grief”

Just Loop It

Have you discovered the Loop Schedule? It’s a life-saver, a grace-giver, and an all around family favorite around here. When we’re not sure what to do about chores – loop them. How am I going to fit in all this amazing stuff we want to learn? Oh, I’m going to loop those books, too. AmContinue reading “Just Loop It”

5 Tips for Homeschooling When Your Spouse Works From Home

When my husband started his new job 6 months ago, he went from working outside the home 7am – 5pm, to working from home most days. I was nervous about the transition to having him home a lot more; not because I don’t enjoy his presence (he happens to be my absolute favorite person inContinue reading “5 Tips for Homeschooling When Your Spouse Works From Home”

Physical Distancing for the Extroverted Homeschool Mom

Sharing a cup of coffee and conversation with the people in my life is one of my favorite, life-giving things to do – other than my sacred hour of quiet time I carve out each day. It’s been 20 days since I have been able to connect with friends or family in the way thatContinue reading “Physical Distancing for the Extroverted Homeschool Mom”

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