Uncharted Waters

I’m 7 months into the homeschooling thing and still trying to figure things out. We take one day at a time, and figure out what we can for that day.⁠
It can be a shocker to see how different homeschooling is than public school. There are pros and cons to both, but they are so very different. So don’t feel like a failure if your first week of homeschooling didn’t look like what your kids normal school day looks like.⁠
Let them learn about what they love. In their pj’s. On the couch. With their music. At their pace.⁠ They may be done in a hour. It’s a hard adjustment, I know. You feel like they’re not doing enough, learning enough.⁠ I would shush my girls’ when they would tell people they were done with school before lunch. Who needs that judgment? I do enough critiquing of myself, I don’t need help from others in that area.⁠

I’ll be so very honest with you. There have been days where we have snuggled up together and watched movies or played games because it just felt right. But then there are days where we push through and do the work, because it just needs done. Again, I go back to the fact that we take one day at a time.⁠ I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. But when I really dig into the truth of that, and stop believing the lies in my head, I realize that I DO know what I’m doing, simply because I am their mother.⁠

Mamas, you know your kids better than anyone else. You know what they need and how hard they need to be pushed. And what an amazing opportunity we have in these moments to truly get to know them better, and learn how to love them even more.⁠
I’m praying for you as you navigate these uncharted waters. When you’re feeling stressed that you’re not doing enough, or they’re not doing enough, I pray you hear the words “it’s ok.” I pray you feel a complete peace and truly know that it’s all ok.


Katie is a lover of Jesus, her hubby of 17 years, and their 3 tween/teen daughters. She is passionate about empowering others to find their purpose and raising up the next generation to love Jesus!

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